St. Jacobs Lutheran Church

Prior to 1858 a Union Sunday School was attended by Reformed,
Lutheran, and Brethren people. In the early 1860's, people gathered
for worship as well as for Sunday School. The name of the gathering
was changed from Union Sunday School Association to St. Jacobs
Union Church. Both Reformed and Lutherans attended.

On January 31, 1916, the church council voted to obtain a charter
for a congregation in York New Salem, formerly known as Neffsville.
The congregation was renamed St. Jacob's Evangelical Lutheran
Church. On May 20, 1917 the cornerstone for the new church was
laid. The building was finished the same year. Sunday School and worship began the following year. The
congregation became part of a two-church parish with St. Paul's Lutheran, Stoverstown in 1951. It became a
one-church parish in 1959. Between 1955 and 1956 the church basement was excavated for a social hall
and Sunday School rooms. In 1973 and education building was built, followed by a storage building in 1981.
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